Tips to Choose Personal Haircut for Your Face Shape

Like the clothing, the hairstyles are not one-size-fits-all. However, unlike your clothing, after a day of receiving criticism from your coworkers, you cannot take a lousy haircut off. That’s why—before heading under the hairdresser’s scissors— it is worth learning which designs fit your face better. Overall, an additional inch or a bunch of facial hair will make a big difference. There are various haircuts for different face shapes, and you must choose what is suits you the most, and we will help you in doing that.

Assessing the Shape of Your Face

At this phase, you might wonder, ‘What is the shape of my face? ‘If I request you to sketch an image of your face, the form of your head is expected to be either circular or oval, yet there’s just so much more to it. The structure of your face should come into one of the following classifications:

  • Oval face
  • Long face
  • Square face
  • Round face
  • Heart-shaped face
  • Diamond-shaped face

Tips to Choose Personal Haircut for Your Face Shape

Following are some tips to help you choose a personal haircut for your face shape.

Hairdos for Oval Face

If you are interested in a shorter hairdo, consider a blunt bob along with face-framing bits that clear your shoulder. Alternatively, pick a shoulder-length style with thin layers to create texture to prevent the hair from falling straight. If you’re trying to wear your hair long, a quick change of part will make a real difference. And also, you can opt for side-swept bangs that work fantastic on oval faces.

Heart-Shaped Face Hairstyles

If you want to enhance the appearance of the heart of your face, draw your hair up to a high-top node or a slick-back top ponytail.  Alternatively, go for a lob that barely clears your shoulder and brings width to your jawline. If you choose to wear your hair longer, attempt a deep side of relaxed waves that split at the collarbone to attract eyes away from your forehead.

Square-Shaped Face Hairstyles

When picking a square-shaped face hairdo, you may opt either to magnify the face’s flatness or smooth your firm jawline. Go for those blunt bangs or even a short bob to show off the solid jawline.

round face

Round Face Hairstyles

The most attractive hairstyles for women with round faces are those, which bring shape and form.  Long stacked cuts as well as wobbly pixie cuts, in general, seem to look even better.

Hairstyles for Long Face

The key aim for longer face shapes would be to make your face look broader; therefore, curls are a perfect choice for you. Flat-iron waves are indeed a perfect way of achieving loose curls or spreading waves.

Diamond-Shaped Face Hairstyles

Women with diamond face shapes can work at softening their rough angles and balancing their cheekbones. For a pleasant look, choose a medium to the long-layered style worn with messy waves, and don’t hesitate to attempt a drawn back ponytail for an appearance that will highlight your cheekbones while expanding your forehead’s look.

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